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Fantastic book!

“Lovely story, beautifully written – highly recommend.”


Kindle Edition, 30 September 2017

Lovely book, well writen

“A lovely story for young children to enjoy and feel part of Bracken’s adventure. Look forward to the next one.”

Miss T

Kindle Edition, 1 October 2017

Five Stars

“Great book, perfect for inquisitive little minds.”

Miss Danielle L Prigge

Kindle Edition, 13 November 2017

Latest News from The Tattooed Gardener

Brackens’ Corner

"In a quiet corner of a garden on the edge of a wood sits a round growth covered in moss at the base of an old Ash tree. For the few who visit this part of the garden, it is seen as just an unusual part of a tree but if you were to look more closely you would see...

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February’s finest

"On the wind in February Snowflakes float still, Half inclined to turn to rain, Nipping, dripping, chill." ~Christina Georgina Rossetti, "A Year's Windfalls," 1866 February, what a wonderful month it is. Of course, there will be a few of you that will disagree with...

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Under the log

The Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) is a hidden gem and is not a garden beauty that you will always see. On a crisp winters morning I was pruning apple trees with my mate Tom, when we decided that we needed to escape the wind that was blowing right across the...

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Trixie the dog (The Forgotten Garden)

Trixie the dog - from 'The Forgotten Garden'   "She is a funny scruffy little dog who always comes to say hello to Bracken, often knocking her over with a big sloppy kiss with her large rough tongue. When I say little, I actually mean little to me and you but to...

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Æftera Geola (After Yule)

It has been a horrible wet start to 2018 and being a gardener, this has been frustrating in more ways than one. So while the weather is putting pay to any pay, I thought I'd whack out a short picture post. Now if it had snowed more, I would be moaning less...

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A Christmas carol – the present day

As we all sit down to enjoy the Christmas festivities, many will be fearing the future, the present and also questioning their past. When I say all will be enjoying, there will of course be many that will not be able too because of factors outside out of there control...

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The alternative autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of year and all over the internet, you will see plenty of photos of the wonderful autumnal foliage and the late flush of autumn flowers. Flowers that have found their way from the summer but others that are beginning to come into...

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The Forgotten Garden (2017)

In June 2016, I wrote a post about a new book that I had written and that it was very close to being released. Unfortunately, I was a tad premature in writing this. Not long after writing the post, a few personal issues delayed the books release but this did give me...

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Peace sells but who’s buying…

"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches us patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust." ~ Gertrude Jekyll Dierama pulcherrimun (Angel's fishing rod) What a world we live in. A world that seems to be going...

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Gems of the ‘Emerald Isle’

With all the wonderful landscapes around us and along with all the other treasures Ireland has to offer, there was also plenty to see close by and you certainly didn't have to look very far to find them. Stachys palustris (Marsh woundwart) All the photos in this post,...

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