In June 2016, I wrote a post about a new book that I had written and that it was very close to being released. Unfortunately, I was a tad premature in writing this.
Not long after writing the post, a few personal issues delayed the books release but this did give me the opportunity to fine tune a few things and to look at the direction I wanted to take the book and to change how I was going to lay the story out.
Now after fifteen months since the first post, the book is now for sale on Amazon.

The first post “The Forgotten Garden”, explains a little more of what the book is about and the audience it is aimed at.
I am now looking at writing seven books in the series, with the first book being a short story, an introduction to the adventures that the main character will have. The seventh book (depending on how well things go), will be ideas from those who have/may followed the story.
In the first book, I have left a few questions pending. Some of these will be answered in the second book but not all and at the end of each book, there will a selection of photos of plants and other points of interests from each story.
As with gardening and of course life itself, not all answers are obvious at first and some have to be found where others, will slowly make themselves known.
It will be a story that will hopefully inspire the younger and older audience into the world of the garden and beyond and or, be a fun, enjoyable and inquisitive story of the world around us.

Since the original blog post on the book, there has been a change in direction on who and how the front cover and inside illustrations where done. Thomas Ellerton and Danielle Prigge are two very talented artists who have absolutely nailed the look I was after.
There will be another edition of the first book where my Dad designed the original cover, this will be released at a later date.
My good old friend John Downes has been the technical brains behind both the book and the website and with input from my family, I feel that I have been a bit of a lazy sod just penning a few words together.

Lazy or not, the book is now for sale on Amazon or you can follow the link on my website.

All views on the book, are more than welcome.

The Forgotten Garden (


The book is now available in a paperback version.

You can contact me directly via my website for more information or if you want to purchase a copy. It will slowly become more available in other outlets but a copy can be purchased on eBay. This self publishing lark is a little on the slow side but enjoyable.

Although the best news is, you can now buy a copy at ‘Hemingford Grey Manor’.

If you have never been to the manor at Hemingford, please go, it is a ‘must visit place’. A historical, beautiful manor house with wonderful gardens and amazing patchwork quilts.


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