The Madness…

Politics (sorry).

Why is it every time I watch prime minister’s question time, I think of the similarities between this and the bar scene from Star wars?

The conclusions​ I can think of, is that they are both so far detached from the real world and they all (bar from a few) speak a language that is not from this planet. Watching the news first thing in the morning before heading off to work is so depressing but with the world today, it is also compulsive viewing.

Brexit, austerity, cuts, then you throw in that idiotic ‘Jabba the Hut’ in from across the Atlantic…..and the madness is then complete!

The Magic…

The garden.

So after being bombarded with the all the bullshit news we suffer from on daily basis, it is nice to head off to a place that brings you peace and beauty, that we all need in our life.

A place that will not lie to you, try and patronise you, manipulate and cheat you but will deliver a honest and peaceful place, a place that brings hope for the future…. admittedly, with a few challenges along the way. March is the month where nature brings us that hope. 

We’ve had the early bulbs and the other winter interests keeping us going but March starts to show us those signs of things to come in the following weeks and months. As well as the garden being a wonderful teacher, it is also one of wonder, hope and peace….

We’ve had the madness and the magic, now for some music to finish off with…. a little tribute to our wonderful politicians! 

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