This year I didn’t want it …. but it came anyway.

It didn’t take too long though, for me to adventure out too take some photo’s, because whatever your views are on the subject, you have to admit … that everywhere looks pretty in the snow and magical.

If you do like the snow, here are some pictures for you to enjoy, if you don’t … look away now!

Picture apr2011 2089

Cut Leaf Beech.

Picture apr2011 2099

Picture apr2011 2098

Somewhere in the background is the University Library.

Picture apr2011 2135

Reflections on the River Cam.

Picture apr2011 2110

Garrya elliptica

Picture apr2011 2147

The Fountain, Great Court.

Picture apr2011 2133

The Wren Library.

Picture apr2011 2126

The Backs.

Picture apr2011 2112

The Pudding.

Picture apr2011 2138

The Wren Library (again).

Picture apr2011 2141

Silly buggers in a punt.

Picture apr2011 2105

Picture apr2011 2114

Picture apr2011 2128

The Avenue.

Picture apr2011 2158

Now, the above picture was taken on the River Cam back in the days when everything was in black and white, when there was a real big freeze (not this couple of cold weeks and a little snow weather) and they didn’t care much for health and safety. Plus, they didn’t have to put up with silly sod’s in messing around in punts!

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