Autumn is a wonderful time of year and all over the internet, you will see plenty of photos of the wonderful autumnal foliage and the late flush of autumn flowers. Flowers that have found their way from the summer but others that are beginning to come into their own. It is a colourful season but many see it as the beginning of the end and with winter just around the corner, it can feel a bit gloomy for some.

Although, for those who spend time in the garden at this time of year, you will see a very different type of garden. It is lively season with still plenty to see and do (we won’t mention the leaves) but many of the sights of autumn you don’t always see on the internet but if you do, they are lost amongst the millions of images of colourful foliage. So here’s a few autumnal photos you don’t always see.

Turning the compost heap is always a favourite of mine. Clambering around in all the muck along with all those wonderful smells, always brings the child out in me and you always find items in the compost heap that should never be there.

Handy size chopper.

Apple bobbing anyone?

Some of your five a day might have a nasty surprise for you!

The wonders of autumnal light. We all like to see the sun at any time of the year but in the autumn, the suns rays are a particularly welcome sight.


This little fella found its way into a wheelie bin but seemed a little reluctant to come out of the bin.

This little bugger fell off my hat!

Anyone home?

There was certainly someone home in this Eleagnus and they got a little pissed off about my presence….. I moved on!

A common sight in the autumn. Unless you are 150% sure of what you are doing, be very careful when picking mushrooms.

And you will always see a few Lumps and bumps in the autmnal season.

Great crested newt.

And love is always in the air.

Cue the music………


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