Trixie the dog – from ‘The Forgotten Garden


“She is a funny scruffy little dog who always comes to say hello to Bracken, often knocking her over with a big sloppy kiss with her large rough tongue. When I say little, I actually mean little to me and you but to Bracken she is large, an even giant-like dog, a dog who does not seem at all bothered or surprised and who never even questions the fact that there is this small human like creature at the bottom of her garden” – from ‘The Forgotten Garden’


When I first started putting the idea of the book together, Trixie was the first character I thought of after the main character Bracken. It was a bit of cheat but for me, it was a obvious choice to include our funny looking family pet who has played a major part in our lives.

A funny, loyal, loony of a dog, she was always going to be part of a story that revolves around exploring and being inquisitive about your surroundings. She will be fifteen in May of this year and is still, very a much puppy.

Trixie is a Jack russell x Lakeland terrier and for anyone who has ever owned a terrier in particular a Jack russell, you will know how much fun, life, loyalty and above all love these little dogs can give. Some say they are the biggest dogs you’ll ever meet in such a tiny body. Just what I needed for the book.

Trixie has only a small part in the first book but does play a bigger part in the second  ‘A Stormy Adventure’ and in the third book ‘The Magic of Flowers’. Trixie has a bit of a soft spot for one of the illustrators and one day Tom asked me to send over a few photos of her for him to work on. So the little diva had a bit of a photo shoot…… the book is not just about you Trixie!


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