On a cold, foggy, frosty Wednesday morning with no work booked for that day, I decided to go for a walk at one of my favourite places.

Waresley woods is a ancient Oak-Ash woods located in the Cambridgeshire countryside not far from the Bedfordshire border. Well known for the masses of bluebells, violets and oxlips in the spring and for the several species of moths and butterflies that have been recorded there; so a cold January morning is not really the best time to go…….not true!

Grabbing my camera and the dog, I threw them in the back of the car and headed off…….and don’t worry, I would never throw my camera.

Even though it is only a short car drive away, the journey itself was a bit of a white knuckle drive because of the fog. Tailgaters, speeders and of cause the drivers who don’t think you need to have their lights on (especially if they drive a grey/silver car), they were all out in force.Thankfully, we all got there safely.

It had a very quiet/peaceful feel about the place and the only noise you could hear is the crunching of the frosty leaves under foot. Apart from one other car, there was know one else about and I didn’t see anyone on my way round either.

As I got further into the woods, you certainly got more of an eerie feel about the place. This was heightened more when Trixie would just stop and stare at one area refusing to move. Before we got Trixie, we did a little research on Jack Russell x Lakeland terriers and the words, bold, fearless and courageous were often used. Not our one, she is fourteen this year and she is and has always been Jack Russell x Lakeland x Scaredy-cat, we wouldn’t change her for the world though.

After an hour or so, I decided to head back to the car being pulled by a rather keen dog wanting to feel the warmth again.

The journey back wasn’t quite so bad. Well the fog was beginning to lift and had lifted in places, so people began to put their car lights back on!


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